Wieden & Kennedy. 
Jason Bruges Studios.

Goldsmiths MFA
Ravensbourne BA
David began his rather mixed career at Ravensbourne College, a Swiss typography factory based in a quaint London suburb inspired by the likes of Josef Müller-Brockmann and Wim Crouwel. But times change and with the appointment of John Laing as Course Director so did the teaching. Grids and Univers Condensed made way for problem solving and storytelling, the focus became ‘the idea’ and not the aesthetic.

Graduating with first class honours David headed to Asia to work for Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore. While there David helped win the DBS account, one of Asia’s largest banks and won awards for both the DBS ‘ei8ht’ campaign and for the Republic of Singapore Navy.

After three years David moved back to London and began working for a diverse range of creative companies and professions, including the renowned branding agency Interbrand working on Orange. Creating events and experiences for Exposure London on brands such as Diageo, Nike, Playstation and Levis and designing interactive light installations for Jason Bruges studios in Shoreditch. 

David’s first step into advertising was working closely with Juan Cabral and Richard Flintham at Fallon London, famous for Sony Balls and Cadbury’s Gorilla, and eventually accepting a full-time role as an Art Director. Here he first met his creative partner Larry Seftel and over the next three years created award-winning work for the BBC, Sony and Orange.

It’s rare you get the opportunity to work with the greats like Yan Elliot and Luke Williamson. So it wasn’t too difficult a decision for David and his partner Larry to make the move and work for them at WCRS. The big opportunity was to get Weetabix back into the hearts of the nation which they did with the award winning ‘Someone's had their Weetabix’ campaign.

In a weird reversal of career paths, the two of them walked back through Yan and Luke’s to make a move over to Mother London. For David, it was about trying to get back to a real creatively led agency. Here they won the global Acer business, making the award winning ‘Open Up’ campaign featuring Kiefer Sutherland and Megan Fox.

Having Creative Directed on a number of accounts it was time to make a move into the position outright and so David and Larry moved together as Creative Directors to Wieden and Kennedy to head up the global Arla business and Three mobile accounts. Three years later they are now still in charge of Three but also overseeing Finish, Trebor and Maynards Bassetts accounts.

Outside of work David is a dedicated artist and recently (Over 4 long years) graduated with a Masters in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University.

He is married with two children and lives in South London.

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